”We chose the rural lifestyle change of Creekside Mills first and foremost because of its location. We wanted a relaxing retreat away from the chaos of daily life in the city, and the agricultural concept appealed to us as well. Orchards, berry farms, hiking, biking and the clubhouse, pool, hot tubs and other area to entertain our family and friends when they visit sealed the deal for us.

We've had a very positive experience at all levels: sales management, customer co-ordination, construction management, landscaping and cleaning crew. The best experience however, has been the connection we've found with nature. We have absolutely no regrets about leaving the busy city behind, and we wouldn't trade the scent of pine in the air, especially after a fresh rainfall, the crisp and breezy nights, the sound of the creek in our backyard or the birds singing to us as we sip our morning coffee for anything.”

-Pauline + Allan

”We got to know the area through The Cottages at Cultus Lake, it's sister development. Creekside Mills offered us a long term vision and an appealing lifestyle, which was refreshing and what we were searching for!

We love the natural setting of the country-side and the security of living in a gated community.  We are still very connected to our family in the lower mainland, and although we now live a little further out, we find it a relaxing and picturesque drive, winding through the farms on to White Rock to watch our grandkids weekly soccer and hockey games. And having them come visit us, enjoying the social activities and fun of the neighbourhood has been refreshing.  We are happy with our decision to move to Creekside Mills.”

-Peter + Gerry

”I live and work in downtown Vancouver and was looking for a weekend “getaway” to unwind and enjoy a quite lifestyle. I read about Creekside Mills and immediately drove out to look at it. I was instantly impressed by the location including the mountains, the creek and the idea of being part of a community that would grow its own fruit and vegetables.

The quality of construction is top notch! The developer of is a family owned business with many family members working and living onsite, which was a pleasant surprise and something you see less of nowadays. I now have a proper balance of a fast paced city life and the tranquility of Creekside Mills.”


“We searched the province for a year to find a home that would provide a wholesome sense of community and neighbourhood. When we discovered the unique farm-to-table concept of Creekside Mills, we knew we found our spot.

As the very first owners to move in, we got the opportunity to meet the hard working developer team and see their workmanship from the ground up - we are lucky that we bought in a very well built community.

As the community has taken shape we've met some awesome neighbours - we are all a like-minded lot that care about community, each other and the concept of Creekside Mills. We are so very very happy we chose Creekside Mills.”

-Norm + Christina