What is Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake?
Located near one of BC’s most nostalgic vacation spots, Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake is a unique community of sophisticated, country style residences for year-round enjoyment.

How large will the development be?
Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake is a community comprised of 129 single-family detached residences situated on 79 acres and surrounded by orchards and gardens.

Is this Freehold or Leasehold land?
Creekside Mills sits on 100% freehold land. Residents will have full ownership and use of their property.

What are the home sizes and prices?
There are 10 upscale country style floor plans available, ranging from 1,436 sq.ft. to 2,185 sq. ft. with a choice of 20 different exterior design schemes, and a unique combination of interior design finishes. Residences start under $700,000’s.

What amenities will the community offer?
As a private gated community, residents have exclusive access to the Clubhouse; a luxury amenity including two outdoor swimming pools, hot tub and sauna, a fitness room, an outdoor sports court, chef’s demonstration kitchen and entertaining spaces including a games room, outdoor barbeque and fire pit area. A network of recreational walking trails amongst lush fruit trees and gardens provide an edible landscape and an active lifestyle.

What is the zoning, and can we live here full time?
The property is zoned PRD-1, which stands for Private Resort Residential Development. The zoning allows for full-time occupancy and has no usage restrictions.

Is this a strata community, and what are the monthly fees?
Yes. The community operates as a bareland strata. Residents are responsible for the maintenance of their independently owned strata lot, while the remainder of the community is managed by a strata council with funds raised via monthly maintenance fees, which are estimated to be $184 when the community is complete.

What are the property taxes?
Expect property taxes to range from $2,400- $2,700 per year (excluding any applicable provincial grants)

Where does the water come from, and is there a sewage system?
Drinking water comes from the Columbia Valley Aquifer; a body of fresh groundwater deep below the earth’s surface. The community is connected to a private gravity fed water system and a state of the art waste treatment facility, both owned and operated by Corix Utilities.