The Cultus Lake area is one of the most popular in BC, due to its intense beauty and accessible location. It offers close proximity to the city of Vancouver, and yet is completely removed from its hustle and bustle. Statuesque evergreens and rugged mountains surround it, while the serene beauty of the lake and closeness to nature are captivating to all who visit, and to those that call it home.


  • Designated to Provincial Park status in 1948. Park size is 640 acres

  • Cultus Lake is the closest Provincial Park South-East of Vancouver

  • One of the most popular destination areas in the Lower Mainland; Over 1 million visitors per year

  • Large, warm freshwater lake just 12 km in length

  • Activities: hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, sport fishing, horse riding, picnics, camping, golf

  • Trees: Douglas-fir, broad-leaf Maple, and Hemlock are the dominant species

  • Wildlife: The coyote, blacktail deer, beaver, shrew mole, and 100 species of birds

  • Fish: Rainbow, Dolly Varden, Steelhead, and Cutthroat trout and all 5 varieties of salmon.

  • South Columbia Valley (past Creekside Mills) is a site of mixed farming; prominently blueberries, vineyards, Christmas trees, and lavender, and other organic fruit + veg.