At the heart of Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake is the desire to create an idyllic setting for friendship to bloom and for families to recreate, develop and grow together. A place where living authentically trumps living in the fast lane.

Why endure long ferry rides and border waits to get to the place you want to be? Thoughtfully designed for year-round living, and situated 10 minutes from Chilliwack, BC, and just 90 minutes from Vancouver, Creekside Mills is truly a unique and special opportunity for those interested in getting more out of life.

A culmination of many years of real estate development experience, creative ideas and planning by the Van Geel family, Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake is comprised of 129 new residences in a private master-planned community. 

Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake Masterplan

The Cultus Lake area is one of the most popular in BC, due to its intense beauty and accessible location. It offers close proximity to the City of Vancouver and, yet is completely removed from its hustle and bustle. Statuesque evergreens and rugged mountains surround it, while the serene beauty of the lake and closeness to nature are captivating to all who visit, and to those that live here full-time.

Our new homes are positioned on one of the prime pieces of real estate at Cultus Lake. Rather than building seasonal cottages for sale, the Van Geel family has created a community of residences based on the farm-to-table concept, and built for year-round family living. Themed on classic barn-style architecture, and appointed with modern touches and amenities, no detail has been overlooked.

Our homes are backed by orchards and gardens that will provide nutritious food to its owners and further enhance the community, as friends and family share in its harvest.  

If you are considering the purchase of a cottage or cabin for sale, consider living year-round in one of our new residences at Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake.

Phase 1 Sold Out! Only one home remains in Phase 2.  Register today for Phase 3!